Become a yoga teacher within 1 year: 12 weekends and self-study

12 yoga weekend modules

Within 1 school year, there are 12 yoga weekend modules of 17 contact hours with approximately 5 hours of self-study. Apart from this, you are also expected to practice yoga almost daily.

If you successfully complete the yoga teacher training, you can register as a yoga teacher at Yoga Alliance.

The material of the course and the lessons are in English (Dutch questions are always possible; I can translate).

The advantage of training at weekends is that the time between weekends gives you more time to familiarize yourself with the material and to practice and deepen it yourself. Of course, you need the discipline to do this.

In the weekends you practice everything as a student and also as a yoga teacher for your fellow students. During all weekends there is attention for yoga poses and meditations. The 12 modules are:

  • Introduction to yoga, asana & being a yoga teacher
  • The tantric origin of hatha yoga
  • Anatomy of the human body
  • Anatomy of thoughts
  • Inclinations of the ego & the Divine Self
  • Chakras & yoga nidra
  • A glimpse of tantric scriptures and meditations
  • Bandhas, mantras, mudras & pranayama
  • Purification of the mind – brahma viharas (loving-kindness, compassion, co-joy, equanimity)
  • Purification of the mind – meditations with gratitude and appreciation
  • Being a yoga teacher – implementing all theory and practices
  • Being a yoga teacher – a variety of yoga classes & exams

Want to join a lesson?

I give yoga and meditation weekends in Twello, and during the summer in Vaassen. You are welcome to join and get to know me and my style of teaching. Please e-mail me if you want to join.

Location: Wageningen

Yoga Teacher Training Wageningen

The teacher-training-weekends are given in a beautiful and spacious yoga studio that is located in yoga centre Suniya, in Wageningen. Wageningen is near Ede, Arnhem, and Nijmegen, and the train station Ede-Wageningen is less than half an hour by train from Utrecht. The yoga studio is around 15-minute walk from the bus station in Wageningen. With good weather, we can practice yoga outside on the space before the building. Parking is free (info March ’20). There is no sleeping accommodation at the yoga studio, but you can easily arrange a B&B yourself for Saturday evening. Then you can make it as cheap or luxurious as you want.

Data yoga teacher training modules

Most likely, the training dates will be

1: September 19 and 20 (2020)
2: October 10 and 11
3: October 31 and November 1
4: November 21 and 22
5:December 5 and 6
6: January 9 and 10 (2021)
7: February 20 and 21
8: March 20 and 21
9: April 17 and 18
10: May 15 and 16
11: June 12 and 13
12: July 3 and 4

Daily Schedule

Most Saturdays and Sundays, we work between 08:30 and 18:00. On 3 Sundays, we will work as of 10 o clock (also till 18:00).


course fee without accommodation: € 1990 (pay in 1 time), € 2025 (pay in 2 times; 1012,50 before the start, 1012,50 before the 6th module), €2061 (pay in 3 times; 687). In case you want a refund when you cancel before or during the training, you pay 15% extra.
It is best to arrange accommodation yourself, look below for tips.

Food is not included: you can bring your own lunch.

Have you already completed a yoga teacher training? Then you can also follow one or some weekends, for € 240 per weekend.

Easily arrange overnight accommodation yourself

If you want to spend the night in or near Wageningen on Saturday night:

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Read more general information about this yoga teacher training and her vision on the homepage.