New Years Eve Retreat: start the new year with new consciousness


Retreat with new years eve, December 28 – January 1:
Let go of what you no longer need and welcome the new into your life..

Celebrate the new year during this special yoga and meditation retreat and create a beautiful start of your new year ….
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Retreat New Years eve, December 28 – January 1:

This retreat has a beautiful and deepening programme. The yoga and all meditations facilitate the process of letting go and welcoming new things in your life. During this retreat you can focus on your own process: what do you want or need to let go and what would you like to welcome in your life?
Let the insights appear and experience the space that comes into being. And enter the new year as reborn.

Reactions of participants of this retreats in the last years:

– ‘Thanks for these wonderful days. I have gained a lot of inspiration, strength and energy and left behind me some old trauma. Thanks for the love, patience, care and awareness. Namasté!’

– ‘Sweet Marloes, it is special what you do and how. Thank you for the warm inspiring days and for all the good.’


This yoga and meditation retreat offers you deepening, rest, energy and a deeper contact with yourself. Marloes van der Kamp will guide all the yoga an meditations.
To deepen more, it is advised to not (or very little) have contact with the outside world, also digital or by telephone. In this way, you have all time and space to yourself and your own proces. In this focus a depth will come into being, which facilitates transformation. Everything can occur in your own pace… there is no pressure and nothing special needs to happen. When you are present, with care for yourself and the present moment, life energy will flow again.


Arrival Friday December 28 as of  16 o clock. We will start at 17 o clock. The retreat will finish at Tuesday January 1 at 12 o clock.

* Every day, each participant will do 45 minutes of karma yoga (= helping cleaning in a meditative state of mind)
* In the mornings up until after breakfast, there will be silence. Depending on the group, there will be more silent-periods.

Daily program:
08:00 – 08:30 chanting, to wake up the body comfortably.
At 08:45 there is breakfast in silence.
We will do yoga and meditations between 10.30 – 12.00, after lunch between 15.30 – 17.00 and after diner between 20 – 21.30.
There is lunch around 12:30 and diner around 18:00 o clock.

December 31: Between 15:30 and 17:00 mindful preparing of party meal
18:30 party meal
21:00 evening programme
22:30 new years eve chill out
January 1rst:
0:00 best wishes
09:30 breakfast
10:15 – 11:15 end cleaning / karma yoga
11:15 – 12:00 closure of the retreat
12:00 going back home or onwards on your journey.

If you have a diet, please first ask if and how we can work with it.

You can enjoy tasty vegetarian and mostly organic meals.


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You are more than your behaviour …
You are more than your thoughts …
You are more than your feelings …

Be all that you are!

Marloes van der Kamp

— — — — — — — — — —

In a field of love, a desire arose
It expanded in a sea of light
Gave shape to seas, mountains and filled rivers
Desire created, did not judge and let all be
The ground of our existence is totally free

Marloes van der Kamp



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