All reviews on this site are from people who have actually followed a training or weekend at Spark or Light Yoga as a participant. Participants were not paid or otherwise rewarded for recording their experiences, they were not asked to say anything special and nothing was added. Participation in these recordings was completely voluntary. In short: they are honest, authentic experiences.

2020, Jan. 6: Alena Kundela ” Marloes gives in all the daily activites space for individuality. She manages so well with a Group of very different People so that everyone can practice on his own Level/intensity (yoga, Meditation, being in silence,…) Her calm, generous way of teaching is full of love and also quite full of humour which I appreciated. “

2020, Jan. 3: Elke “Marloes ist eine wunderbare Lehrerin: professionell, aber auch sehr lieb und empathisch. Ich habe die Yoga- und Meditationsstunden sehr genossen und konnte mich gut entspannen.”

2020, January 2: Elise Leijstra ” Marloes is een geweldige lerares maar bovenal een spiritueel leider. Dit weekend is niet alleen yoga maar vooral een manier om meer tot jezelf te komen. En zodra je merkt dat dat gebeurt wil je alleen maar meer. Dit weekend heeft me zoveel gegeven, en een groter inzicht in mezelf. “

2019, September 23, Camille Strasser: ” Marloes empowered me (and the other participants) to get in touch with myself. “