Yoga teacher training @Spark of Light Yoga

Last chance to join this year: October 10, 2020. Register now

  • Yoga teacher training with Hatha yoga, Meditations, and Inspiration from Nondualist Shaivism
  • Approved by Yoga Alliance
  • this yoga teacher training entails 12 weekends in a year, with 200 contact hours
  • Start: each year in September. Last chance to join the training that has just started is in the second weekend: 10-11 October 2020.
  • Non-dogmatic, experience-oriented, practical, and inspiring
  • Adjustment of poses to the possibilities of your body
  • Deepen in the wisdom yoga can offer, and yoga as a lifestyle.

Read more about the vision and activities,
whether you can do this  yoga teacher training is and why you would follow the Spark of Light Yoga training,
background information about the trainer,
or all practical information of the 12 weekends.
Also, you can read reviews: how did other participants experience this training and its teacher?

If you already know you want to do this training, then read the study guide. Please, contact me if you still have questions, I will be happy to help you.

Want to know more?

The starting point is the rich tantric tradition that formed the basis for hatha yoga: nondualistic Shaivism. View what this entails, and also what you can expect in the program; what are we all going to do?

Of course it is nice if you already have experience with yoga and meditation. There is no prerequisite knowledge or level of practice to start, and age, strength or flexibility is not important, but an open mind and real desire to deepen is needed. Check out if this yoga training is something for you.

Marloes van der Kamp is the main teacher. Meet her online.

If you are curious about all the practical information, when the weekends are, what the times are, the modules, the price, etc., you can read more about it here.

And perhaps you would like to know how other students experience Spark or Light Yoga. Read their experiences here.