mediteren middenin de drukte

Meditating in the midst of the rush

meditatie meditationMeditating in rush hour

How can you use the hectic around you for your inner peace, instead of getting frustrated by the noice?

Everyone knows; just when you want to meditate quietly, the surroundings are not quiet …

The neighbour is going to play his clarinet, at the other sound you hear noisy barbecueing and a bit further down the street a street-party starts. Or the baby in the apartment above you starts to scream and in the apartment under you one of the countless marital fightings is at its top-noise phase.

What do you do? Do you give up your meditation moment, do you let frustration into your meditation or do you use the hectics to create more inner peace?

Always take moments of rest

At this moment, Teus and a are on a dock. We have a broken bow thruster and now, there is some pretty hard working to get the engine room in a good state with new bow thruster and a new environmental-friendly engine. We ourselves are also busy with cleaning, sanding and painting all places where we normally cannot reach while we are in the water. So, hectics all around and here in the dock, it is always noisy.

That means, it is very important to meditate, to take moments of rest. This is a super period to train our focus in meditation and to use all the hectics around us to strengthen our inner peace.

Be the oasis of peace in the midst of the rush: how to create that? 

How do you do that, to use the hectics around you during your meditation?

The trick is to realise you have your own space, your own colour, your own atmosphere. It is not necessary to drown in the hectics, to get soaked with the rush. Why would you let the hectics be more important/ bigger than your inner peace? You could turn this around and bring peace within the hectics, let your inner peace be bigger than the hectics …

yoga balans boom houding - mediteren midden in de drukteIf it is difficult to not get disturbed by the noise around you, then focus more on yourself, on your body. Find a spot in your body that is relaxed, that is full with inner peace. The more you focus within you body, the easier it is to find this spot or spots. Focus within your body results in more relaxation and peace within your body. 

If you cannot find one spot in your body that is relaxed, then focus more. You could for example do a yoga balancing pose like the tree, to help you focus.

Then, let your own atmosphere be next to the hectics of the surrounding. Feel that these two atmospheres can exist next to each other and that the hectics do not need to influence your peace. Let the hectics around you emphasise the peace within you; because the hectic around you and the peace within you are so different, it is easier to perccieve the peace within you more clearly.

Maybe this is already enough, or if it goes easily, then let your inner peace radiate to the surroundings. It is beautiful to experience the effect of this. Do not let it be important whether you succeed or not; like in all meditatioins, you cannot enforce results and as soon as the result becomes important, you block the process of meditating.

Just enjoy the peace and relaxation that are given to you, enjoy to meditate in the midst of the rush.

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