RYT 200; what does it mean? And what about 50 hours or 100 hours of yoga teacher training?

RYT means Registered Yoga Teacher. Often you see yoga teacher trainings add a number or RYT with a number. Mostly, these are Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher trainings. And then it comes in handy to know the following:

Which yoga teacher training you need to do first?

It is very important to first follow a 200 hour yoga teacher training. This is the base to be registered as a yoga teacher. When you pass this course, you can register as RYT200 (base/ junior yoga teacher).

When you follow 50 of 100 hour yoga teacher training, and you did not do a 200 hour course first, Yoga Alliance will not take your diploma into account. This is because, these 50 or 100 hour trainings are seen as continuous learning, and are meant to be followed by yoga teachers (who did their base training first).

This always applies, so also if a yoga school mentions their 50 or 100 hour training is accredited by Yoga Alliance and leaves out to inform you the diplome will only be considered after you have done a base training.

RYT 200: the baseline yoga teacher training

So, you can not be a registered yoga teacher at Yoga Alliance when you do a 50 or 100-hour yoga teacher training. It all starts with the 200-hour training.

The requirements Yoga Alliance has provided for the 200-hour courses are either 200 contact hours or 160 contact hours and another 40 hours online / on self-study. These 40 hours may only include anatomy & physiology (max. 20 hours) or yoga humanities (such as history, philosophy, ethics; also max. 20 hours).

Each Yoga Alliance 200-hour yoga course should include:

  • 75 hours of technique, training and practice,
  • 30 hours of anatomy & physiology,
  • 30 hours of yoga humanities,
  • 50 hours of professional essentials, such as teacher skills, self-teaching, and professional development.
  • In addition, there are another 15 hours that the yoga school can divide itself into one of the 4 categories mentioned.

After graduation: RYT300 or Continuous Education

Every 3 years you must do at least 30 hours of additional training. I personally think that is very little, in the context of lifelong learning I think it should be much more. I always follow way more training and refresher courses in yoga. Either way, you can use a 50-hour yin yoga course for these hours, or a 100-hour mantra chanting course, or a 50-hour yoga nidra course, or a 30 hour anatomy course. The choice for continuous education is yours, and luckily, many courses are provided.

RYT 300: Advanced yoga teacher training

The follow-up training after the 200-hour yoga training consists of 300 hours. When a training of 500 hours is offered, this means you follow the basic and further training immediately after each other. If it is split up, you can choose only the basic training, or gain some experience after the basic training before following the advanced training.

If you have completed a basic training that is recognized by Yoga Alliance, you are in principle admissible to every 300-hour advanced training. Sometimes of course, there are some extra requirements to be able to follow the advanced program of another yoga school properly.

New standards are currently being formulated for a 300-hour training.

RYT 500: 200 + 300

At the end of an advanced training that is approved by Yoga Alliance, you can register as a RYT 500. A 200 hours and 300 hours training can be added together in terms of hours. But that only applies to fully completed courses of 200 and 300 hours. For example, you cannot do 100 hours of one course and then another 100 hours of another course and submit that as 200 hours.


My training is approved as follows at the moment: my basic training is RYT-200, and my follow-up training is approved as continuous education for 50 hour each module. I do not have an advanced training that leads to the RYT 500 registration yet. As soon as the new standards are formulated, I will apply for approval.

In case you have questions, please place a comment below and I will be happy to answer.

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